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講座題目:Forth Party Logistics – the “Internet-plus” Logistics Supply Chain Management


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With the development of information and communication technology as well as the rise of sharing economy, the Forth Party Logistics (4PL), as a new mode of logistic and supply chain integration, brings lots of fresh opportunities for enterprises. However, new decision problems arise along with the arriving of the era of big data, and also challenge the researchers and entrepreneurs. In this presentation, various research problems for 4PL in the three decision levels framework will be identified, and new methodology will be provided to address these challenges.


Dr. Min Huang is a professor in the College of Information Science and Engineering at Northeastern University in China, and was a senior visiting scholar in the Department of Industrial and Operations Engineering at University of Michigan (Ann Arbor) in 2011. She is the head of the Department of Artificial Intelligence, the director of the Institute for Data Intelligence & Systems Engineering, and director of International Research Center of Intelligent Analysis and Decision Making for Future Manufacturing and Services. Dr. Huang has been recognized as the Distinguished Young by the National Science Foundation of China and Changjiang Scholarship Chair Professor of MOE of China.

Her research interests cover the modeling, analytics and optimization for manufacturing systems, logistics and supply chain systems, risk management, behavioral operations management, computational intelligent etc.

Her research is supported by NSFC (including National Science Foundation for Distinguished Young Scholars of China, Major International Joint Research Project of NSFC, etc) and foundation of MOE, China. She has been showered with eight prizes and awards honored by the state or MOE of China.

She has authored more than 120 refereed publications in international academic journals, such as Omega, EJOR, TRB, Computers & Operations Research et al. She currently serves as the associate editor of Asia Pacific Journal of Operational Research and a member of the editorial board of Asian Journal of Management Science and Applications.



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